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C++ Programming Tutorial

C++ is a general-purpose , case-sensitive , free-form programming language that supports procrdural , object-oriented , and generic programming.
C++ is regarded as a middle-level language , as it comprises a combination of both high-level and low level language features.

c++ Was Developed by Bjarne Stroustrup of AT&T Bell Laboratories in the early 1980's and is based on the C language.The "++" is a syntactic construct used in C (to increment a variable),and C++ is intended as an incremental improvement of C .Most Of C Is a subset of C++ , so that most c programs can be compiled using a c++ compiler.
c++ is a superset of c , and that virtually any legal c program is a legal c++

C++ fully support object-oriented programming , including the four pillars of object-oriented development
  • Encapsulation
  • Data Hiding
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism

  • C++ is used by hundreds of thousands of programmers in essentially every application domain.
    In adobe systems All major application are developed in C++ : photoshop & ImageReady , illustrator , Acrobat , inDesign , GoLive.
    C++ is widely used for teaching and research because it is clean enough for successful teaching of basic concept. , Facebook , Google , HP , IBM , Microsoft , Mozilla , Nokia More Companies uses C++ language.

  • Vendor-neutral:the C++ standard is the same in any platform or compiler
  • industrial:evolved to satisfy the needs of software engineers , not computer scientists
  • efficient , Compiles into Highly Optimized CPU-specific machine code with little or no runtime overhead
  • multi-paradigm : allows the use and penalty-free mixing of procedural , OOP , generic programming , function programming , etc
  • strictly statically typed(unlink python for example)
  • Has deterministic memory management

  • Very Complex ! The learning curve is steep and takes a long time to climb , especially for those who know C or C# or other superficially similar languages.
  • has the concept of "undefined behavior" a large class of errors that neither compiler nor the runtime system is required to diagnose.
  • has some design flaws,although they are largely fixed by boost libraries and the new language standard.
  • lack network and async I/O , graphics , concurrency , serialization , and many other facilities expected of modern language , although that is also largely fixed by boost libraries and the new language standard.

  • #include<iostream.h> void main()
    cout << "Hello World";

    -- Discription --
    #include<iostream.h> This Is Preprocessor Command Which tells compiler to include iostream.h file.

    C++ Programs consist of one or more function , there must be one and only one function called main.

    This is Scope of body.

    We Can Use cin object For Input Data From User.
    cin >> variable_name;
    cin >> a >> b;
    We Can Use cout object For Disply Data On Screen.
    cout << variable_name;
    cout << "Hello World";

    you have to put inline function before return type.
    -- Function Declaration Syntax --
    inline <return_type><function_name>(argument.. );

    -- File operation --

  • Create a new file
  • open an existing file
  • Read from file
  • Write To a file
  • Moving a Specific Location in a file(seeking)
  • Closing File

  • -- File Mode --

  • ios::in open file for reading
  • ios::out open file for writing
  • ios::app Append Mode.All Output To that file to be appended to the end.
  • ios::trunk - if the file already exists , its contents will be truncated before opening the file.

  • Here In c++ Variable , Datatype , Operators , If Condition , Switch Case , While Loop , For loop , Do..While Loop , Goto Statement And Break Statement , Function , Array , Pointer , String And It's Function , Structure , union Are Same As C Language.So You Can Go To C Language Tutorial And Read It Click To Go C Language Tutorial

    Object Oriented Approach

    Class Are Combination Of data Member & Member Function.

    For Example Student Is Class So Hear Student_Id , Student_Name ,Student_Phone Are Property(Data Member) & Study() , Play() Etc Member Function.

    Class Creation Syntax
    class class_name
    	private :
    	data member;
    	member function();

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