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C# Pattern Programs

Create a windows form application that contains one text box and one button. When user clicks on button, message box must appear and must contain the message that resides in textbox In c#

Create a windows form application for Students Information Detail. When user clicks on Submit button, all the details must be displayed in message Box In c#.

Create a windows form application to perform arithmetic operation (Addition, Subtraction, multiplication and division) In C#.

Create a windows form application to find total , percentage , grade of student according marks In C#.

Design an application that provides a list of Courses available in CheckListBox. Display all the selected courses in a label In C#.

Add , update , Delete Operation On ListBox Using Button Click Event In C#.

Design the following form which add, remove, clear and sort the item from list box In C#

Design the following form. So, when user clicks on Radio Button then select appropriate checkbox.

Suppose your application is maintaining records of student appearing in summer 2017 examination of UTU.
Draw appropriate GUI that will capture require detail of students appearing in examination and display all data in label.
Apply proper validation on form fields.

Design a Login form to check whether the user is authenticated or not. If the user is authenticated then, redirect the user to next form and display the message in label 'Welcome Username' In C#.

Design the digital watch using Timer Control In C#.

Design a C# application to open a color dialog box and by clicking on DialogResult OK button Set form background to the selected color In C Sharp.

Create a C# application to open only a image files using OpenFileDialog box In C Sharp.

Design an interface and write a C# code to generate an invitation card, where the user can enter the text, set the font, font style, font size and the color of text; and also, be able to load an image In C Sharp.

Design an application using ListView control and display the product details like Product ID, Name, Cost Price, Selling Price, Quantity and Amount In C Sharp.

Design an interface and write a C# code to develop an application to make a dynamic hierarchical structure of a university institutes and it courses using TreeView. An application must also be able to clear, remove, expand, collapse and count nodes In C Sharp.

Write a C# code and show interface to display the basic details of employees like Employee ID, First Name, Last Name, City, Contact No., Date of Joining and Salary using ListView. Display the selected row values in a message box without using button click event In C Sharp.

Create following table Student(id, name, course, DOB, address) Write C# application to

Add records.

view all the records.

Delete the particular record.

View all the student who are studying in course BCA In C Sharp

Write C# application which access the following table. Product_master ( pdt_no ,description ,profit_percent ,uni_measure , qty_on_hand, recorder_level, cost_price, ell_price) Perform insert,delete,view and search for items whose cost price is less than sell price In C#

Write a C# application that perform insert, update and delete operations on Employee table & perform a navigation operation on employee records In C#

Write a C# application that perform insert , select operations on Table In C#

Write a C# application that Which classes and properties are used to bind ComboxBox? Create a public class named 'BindCombo' and bind a ComboxBox on the loading of form for the list of countries In C#

Write a C# application that Consider the tblEmployee(Empid, Fname, Lname, DOJ, Salary). Write a C# code to execute DML statements with SQL database In C#

Write a C# application that Assume a table ProductMaster (Pid, Description, Qty, CostPrice, SellPrice) exists. How can you insert and delete the record. Also search for Pid whose CostPrice < SellPrice In C#

Write a C# application that Consider the 'tblAccountHolder' of 'AccountMaster' database. Display all the records of Customers by binding the DataGridView In C#

Write a C# code to generate the bill for 'Medical Shop'. Display the information of the bill in a DataGridView In C#

ListView Operation (Add , Update , Delete , Clear , Search Item ) In C#

Notepad In C Sharp (Save , New , Cut , Copy , Style Etc..)

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