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What Is Memory Cell ? | Types Of Memory Cell

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Memory Cell Is Useful Concept For EC Student.

* Use *

Cell Will Store Binary Value 1 Or 0 .

There Are Two Signle .

1. Write Signal
This Signal Will On When User Want Write Data On Memory(Cell)
2. Read Signal Will On When User Want Read From Memory(Cell).

Types Of Memory Cell

— If a symbol can be stored in a cell without continuous supply of energy, it known as non-volatile cell.

— If the symbol stored in a cell disappears when no energy is supplied, it is known as volatile cell.

— If a symbol is read from a cell its content should not be disturbed. Such a cell is known as non-destructive.

— If the symbol is erased, as a result of reading, is said to be destructive.

— The time taken to read a symbol from a cell is called read time and time taken to write a symbol is writetime.

— If in a memory cell, a symbol is permanently written and can only be read, then it is known as a read-only cell.

Memory Or Storage Unit | Functions Of Memory

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This unit can store instructions , data and intermediate result. This unit supplies information to the other units of the computer when needed. It is also known as internal storage unit or main memory or primary storage or random access memory(RAM).

Its size affects speed power and capability. Primary memory and secondary memory are two types of memories in the computer.

Functions of memory unit are :-

  • It store all the data and the instruction required for processing.

  • It stores intermediate results of processing.

  • It stores final results of processing before these results are released to an output device.

  • All input and outputs are transmitted through main memory.

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