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Introduction Of Computer | Area Where Computer Has Become Extremely Useful

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Let us begin with word computer. It means to calculate. We all are familiae with calculation in our day to day life. We apply mathematical operations like addition , subtraction , multiplication etc. and many other formulae for calculations. Simple calculations take less time. But complex calculations take much linger time. Another factor is accuracy in calculations. So man explored with the idea to develop a machine which can perform this of arithmetic calculation faster and with full accuracy. This gave birth to a device or machine called computer.

The computer we see today is quite different from the one made in the beginning. The number of applications of a computer has increased, the speed and accuracy of calculation has increased. You must appreciate the impact of computer in our day to day life.

Area where computer has become extremely useful

  • Reservation of tickets in Air lines and Railways
  • Payment of telephone and electricity bills
  • Deposits and withdrawals of money from banks
  • business data processing
  • Medical diagnosis
  • Weather forecasting etc.

  • However , there is one limitation of the computer. Human begings do calculations on their own. But computer is a dumb machine and it has to be given proper instructions to carry out its calculation. This is why we should know how a computer works.

    What Is Computer ? | All About Computer

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    Computer is an electronic device. As mentioned in the introduction it can do arithmetic calculation faster. But as you will see later it does much more than that. It can be compared to a magic box, which serves different purpose to different people. For a common man computer is simple a calculator, which works automatic and quite fast. For a person who knows much about it. Computer is a machine capable of solving problems and manipulating data. It accepts data, processes the data by doing somre mathematical and logical operations and gives us the desired output.

    Therefore, we many define computer as a device that transforms data. Data can be anything like marks obtained by you in various subjects. It can also be name age , sex , weight , height etc. of all the student in your class or income , savings , investments etc. of a country. Computer can be defined in terms of its functions. It can

  • Accept data
  • Store data
  • Process data as desired
  • Retrieve the stored data as and when required
  • Print the result in desired format

  • You will know more about these functions as you go through the later post.

    Characteristics of Computer

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    - Computers are built to carry out a small variety of instructions.

    - Instructions are extremely simple; e.g., add, subtract, read a character, write a character, compute numbers, characters, etc.

    - Most instruction are carried out in less than a millionth of a second.

    - Instruction are carried out obediently with no questions asked.

    - Instructions are carried out without any mistakes.


    - Works by itself without human intervention


    - Very fast device. It can perform in very few second, the amount of work that a human can do in entire year.
    - Not in a term of seconds, milliseconds but in terms of microseconds, nanoseconds and even picoseconds.


    - It is fast but at same time it is very accurate
    - Errors are occur but due to human or technological weakness.


    - Computer is free from monotony, tiredness, and lack of concentration.
    - Work for hours without any error or grumbling
    - Millions of calculation have to be performed, a computer will perform last one with exactly the same accuracy and speed of the first one.


    - At one moment preparing result of examination, next moment it is busy to prepare electricity bill and in between helping an office secretary to trace an important letter in second.

    Power of remembering

    - It contain important and unimportant data while human brain can do selection what is important and worth, retain in memory and other is removed.

    No I.Q

    - Computer is not magical device. It don't have intelligence of its own. Its I.Q is zero till today.
    - It has to be told that what to do and in what sequence.
    - Computer can not take its own decision.

    No feelings

    - Computer are devoid of emotions. They don't have feelings because they are machine.
    - Computer will not do work as human heart and soul.
    - Based on our feelings, taste, knowledge, and experience we often make certain judgement in day-to-day life but computer can not make such judgement.
    - They make judgement based on instruction given to them in form of program which is written by human.

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