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What Is NIC (Network Interface Card) ? | Purpose Of NIC card

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- NIC is Network Interface Card , This Is The Most Important Device In Building Network. These Adapters Are The Most Common Part Of Computer Which Are Used In Our Homes And Offices . NIC Is Also Referred To LAN (Local Area Network Card) . Communication Mediums (Cables) Are Atteched To This Card To Build network.

- This Device Has Unique Mac Address . To Build Network Unique Ip Address Is Assign To This LAN Card To Begun Communication . In Case Of Developing WLAN , Instead Of LAN Card We Use Wireless Card . Its Functionality Is Same As Simple LAN Card , It Is Just Wireless Communication Device Which Connects To Router For Communication .

What Is Firewall ? | Use Of Firewall

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- A firewall is a security system , software or hardware that provides a security boundary around a computer system or a computer network and it protects the computer from internal and external security threats such as unauthorized user access and hackers attacks .

- A computer and a network without a firewall system can easily be attacked by the hackers , intruders , viruses and spyware .

- A firewall software or hardware is usually installed or attached on the gateway computer that is directly exposed to the external network such as internet .

- Firewall limits the access to the computer and the network resources .

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