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Step For Good Programming | How I Can Do Best Coding ?

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How We Can Improve Our Skill In Programming. You Should Have Follow Below Step.

  • First Of Understand Problem.

  • Plan For Program

  • Coding

  • Translate (Compile)

  • Put In Market

  • Maintanance

  • How To Solve Any Problem(Program) ?

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    1. For Any Program First Of You Have To Write Library File Like stdio.h , iostream Etc..

    2. Then Write Logic According Problem like There Are Loop , if condition Need Then Write It Other Use In Built Function For Easy Development. If You Want To Develop Your Logic Then Write Own Code Don't Copy.

    3. Then Comiple & Run Program. 4. If Any Error Then Solve It.

    Why We include Library File ?

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    -Library File Is Power Of Any Language Because It Will use More Fetures From Library And Will Solve Problem.

    -In Simple Word You Have Used printf() , scanf() function In c So Where This Function Defined ? Answer is stdio.h file If You Want Use That Function Then Must Be use Library.

    -You can Make Your Own Library Then Use It

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