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What is A Web Server ? | Types Of Server

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- Normally, only one user uses a specific client at a time. A client connects to a server to send and receive information. Think of a client as a program that gets information from somewhere else. A server is usually a large computer capable of providing data to many clients at the same time. The word server can mean the physical computer or piece of hardware, or it can refer to the actual server software or daemon running on that machine. A daemon is a program that offers a service to other programs, usually over a network. It accepts requests from clients, processes the requests, and returns the results to the requesting client. Although the client and server can be on the same machine, they are usually on separate machines connected by some kind of network.

- The World Wide Web (WWW) uses this client/server model to allow millions of users to access Web sites all over the world. A Web server is a specific type of server that knows how to communicate with clients using the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP). A protocol is just a standard set of rules that allow a client and server to communicate. For a client and server to communicate, they must speak the same protocol. HTTP allows clients to request documents and servers to respond with those documents.

- Web servers wait for clients to connect and when a connection is established, they receive a request from the client and then respond—usually returning a document or image. The Web server process is usually referred to as the HTTPD, or HTTP daemon.

- The main goal of any Web server is to provide documents to clients. The first Web servers were very simple and did little more than this. Today’s Web servers are full of features that allow them to do more than just respond to simple requests for static documents, and many provide easy-to-use graphical user interfaces for administration and customization. Today’s servers support options that allow the creation of dynamic documents—documents that are generated on the fly, not stored on disk.

- There are two big server and also available many version of it.

  • Windows Server
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